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17th August 2014

Update - Almost Back In Business!

After trying to contact multiminecraft and Hostlegend, no replies have been forthcoming so we have to assume the worst. The annoying things is that Tico and I had been working really hard on some really ambitious updates to our server and all our work is now lost along with all your buildings and accounts.

I've set up some more hosting with a different company and we are working as hard as we can to get everything configured, we will be re-opening soon (during the next few days) but you'll have to understand that this will be a work in progress and not everything you are used to using will be available. All these things were originally put in place over a period of weeks, we have had to start from zero!

When you rejoin the server, you will find that basically everything you had is gone - We appreciate how annoying this is, we are annoyed too. We respectfully ask you not to ask us for your items, buildings, ranks etc to be restored as this is a fresh start for all of us and not only that but requests and questions in chat will only serve to slow us down when we need to work!

What you can expect when you log in

The wild world is a temporary world, this will be regenerated when 1.8 comes out so don't build anything too ambitious, however any money you make or rank you acquire will remain after we update to 1.8.

What we are planning to add over the coming weeks

Thanks for your patience!

Last but not least, the rules have changed, all players and staff please use these new ones:

For Clarity, this means that it is now accepted for you to say mild cuss words occasionally but please don't be offensive and always remember that we want to keep the server a friendly place for all ages.

Pseudo-Moderating means that if you are not a staff member, don't act like a staff member. Also CAPS is perfectly ok as long as it's not aboused.

16th August 2014

Important Announcement

I have some sad news for you today. Our server was hosted with a company called multiminecraft.

Without warning they switched off our service, I raised a support ticket to be told that a company called Host Legend had acquired all of the multiminecraft customers and that they would be sending new login infomation etc.

I have not received any new login details at the time of writing this (16th August) so I do not know if our world will be back online.

What I do know is that I enjoy hosting a minecraft server, I have done so for a year and a half now so dbd will be back. Whether I'm able to get our files from this awful host I do not know, I do know that I do not want to host with Host Legend.

If our server is not restored I will work on a new one, if I have to do this then I will announce it here.

If I can't get our server back online there will be a contact page put up here later on in the week where you will be able to subit your email address so I can let you know when DBD is back.

My sincere apologies for this, it really is beyond my control and quite honestly I'm gutted.