Type: PLAY.DBDMC.COM Into your minecraft client to connect!
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Dark Bit Dominion.

A Great Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server.

We welcome new adventurers from around the world!

If you are looking for a survival server where the natives are friendly and it is safe for all ages then you just found it!

Dominion Spawn Point
Just enough plugins!

We are very selective which plugins are installed to stay very close to the normal gameplay but adding some nice things like multiple worlds and an economy.

NO Donators!

We DO NOT want your money, owner has enough money to sustain the server on great hardware. This means all the player ranks have the same chances of success without begging you for cash, keep it, just enjoy the server!

Key Features Of Our Server.

Things we've done to make your experience better.

Profanity Free Environment: If you like to curse, find another place as we don't allow it here to keep it safe for all ages!

Shops: Chest Shop plugin for server and player shops. Fancy making your fortune as a merchant? Buy a plot in town and set up a store!

Town Regions: Members can buy their own protected town plots! You can then add and remove other people to your plot with no need to wait for staff.

Player Ranks: You control when you rank up by getting your own rank with in-game currency! If you want more commands or perks and you have the funds, the next rank is just a click away.

Economy: You have an in game balance to buy things! You are also paid a salary automatically for every 5 minutes you are logged in.

Multi-Worlds: Live in town where it is safe or take your chances in the wild. Town world has no fall damage, no hunger and no weather. You'll experience the full wrath in the wild, difficulty is hard.

Anti-Grief: All griefing can be rolled back and all griefers and cheaters are caught! For some examples of this check out our Youtube Channel.

Player Heads: Keep mob heads and player heads as trophies! All mobs have a small chance of dropping a head if you kill them, there is also a dedicated PVP world which is the ONLY place where PVP is enabled on our server.

Sensible Staff.

Hand Picked Staff: We think that the whole applying for staff thing on most servers selects the wrong people for the job.

Staff here are *invited* by the owner and anyone who asks or even hints for a staff job is blacklisted from getting one... Forever.

Putting power into the hands of power hungry people is a bad idea we think so be assured that our staff do not have attitude problems.